Clear aligners are clear plastic orthodontic braces which are an alternative to metal dental braces that have been used for decades to correct teeth misalignment. Unlike metal braces that are bulky and awkward to wear, clear aligners can be custom-fit to the patient's teeth. The patient simply slides their teeth back into their desired positions using the aligner and they are free to eat and smile as usual.

Many adults who have lost their teeth due to bad oral hygiene or some accident find that the traditional braces are not comfortable. They can also be uncomfortable when worn for long periods. The traditional braces are bulky and can be unsightly with a dark and sticky material that is hard to clean. Also, the teeth are not held in place permanently with traditional braces and tend to loosen with continued use. This leads to several patients requiring repeat Invisalign treatment as they attempt to hold their teeth in their desired positions.

Patients suffering from crooked, crowded, or spaced teeth commonly have trouble smiling completely or having a full smile without additional treatments. An orthodontist can provide Invisalign treatment in a simple office procedure that does not require them to drill any holes into the patient's mouth nor apply any type of adhesive. This treatment can also be taken over the counter at local pharmacies, where it is sometimes sold as a specially formulated mouth tray. The Invisalign treatment process takes around two hours and includes only two to three visits, although this depends on the severity of the patient's problem. An orthodontist can perform both in-office and over-the-counter methods.

The initial visit to the orthodontist will include x-rays and molds to help create a proper aligner for the patient. If the dentist decides to make an Invisalign treatment permanent, he or she may also recommend Invisalign aligners with removable retainers. These retainers can be removed by the patient at any time and replaced with a new aligner if the patient wants to. Removable retainers allow patients to modify their appearances at any time, without drastic surgery.

The main reason patients opt for Invisalign treatment is because it allows them to get a better smile and better self-esteem. Some patients even say they feel more confident and attractive because of Invisalign and can wear clear aligners to work, school, or church, which can help boost confidence. An experienced licensed orthodontist will know how to properly adjust the brackets in each case and will be able to provide the best Invisalign treatment to each patient. However, there are potential drawbacks to the process. In some situations, the cost of removing retainers can prove to be expensive.

The American Invisalign Association says that Invisalign treatment should be used as an alternative to traditional braces. They also recommend seeing your dentist every six months to one year for a teeth cleaning and alignment examination. Invisalign aligners can be removed if needed and replaced with a new aligner at your local dentist. The main drawback to this procedure is that patients can expect to pay more than half the price of traditional braces. Patients who want to have the benefits of Invisalign braces but do not want to pay the high price tag of traditional braces can still use Invisalign. Continue here to get more enlightened on the topic. 
Benefits of Invisalign Treatment

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